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Play Breathe Parent
Workshop by Josie Taylor, Tony Riddle & Katarina Riddle
29th March 2020, 9-1pm (Kentish Town, London)
£80 single £120 for two
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In this 4 hour collaborative workshop Josie Taylor, Katarina & Tony Riddle will provide you with powerful tools to help shake off your inherited parenting templates and shift your parenting paradigm.

Into The Wild Summer Festival 2020
Friday, August 28 – Monday, August 31
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Waldorf Essentials
Waldorf Essentials are dedicated to helping families walking the Waldorf path at home. This path can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Let us be your guides as you embark on this beautiful way of learning with your family. Sign up for our email list and we’ll get you started with our free mini ecourse, Foundations of Waldorf at Home.

Maths Explorers
The mission – give everyone the opportunity to explore maths. We all have the capacity to explore. You can explore mathematical ideas regardless of your ability in formal maths.

South East London Home Educators (SLHE)
This facebook group also has a forum which you can join once you are actively home educating.  It is an amazing resource if you live in South London for classes, cubs, courses, meet ups and more. Enquire via the Facebook page.

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