March 6, 2020

Purposeful, Passive, Playthings Join V&A Museum of Childhood

My favourite - the Waldorf Dolls. The facial features are left intentionally simple in order to allow the child playing with it to develop the imagination and creative play.
February 29, 2020

Children schooled at home up 13% despite fears over lack of regulation

Hmmm could it be that one size doesn’t fit all? Interesting stats. Read more ..
February 26, 2020

The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing by Alfie Kohn

A compelling exposé of homework – how it fails our children, why it’s so widely accepted, and what we can do about it.
February 25, 2020

I Had a Glorious Wild Childhood. That’s Why I Wrote ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

Interesting and lovely to hear Cressida Cowell’s story, read her article here..
February 25, 2020

Off Rolling: Free School ‘pushed home education

If there wasn’t such an obsession with exam results perhaps this wouldn’t happen? Read more..
February 25, 2020

The biggest risk is keeping kids indoors

An article from 2015 but absolutely still relevant. Mainstream schools could double the time kid’s spend outside now! I believe they would have more engaged kids with better attention spans. Read here..
February 25, 2020

Schools of the Future: Defining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Brilliant and inspiring, hopefully this will trigger the change a lot of people are looking for in the mainstream system. Read here…
February 25, 2020

Why it’s time to abolish GCSE’s

I think something definitely needs to change. While this way of learning / testing may suit some it doesn’t suit most. Most spend precious years building up negative beliefs about their abilities and are under stress. Read more..

I’ve decided to write this blog because I’m passionate about all the different ways to educate, to break away from the taboo about an alternative route from mainstream education. Exploring passion, skill, emotional intelligence, fulfilment, learning for life. I’d like to help people to feel less fearful about making their way in the world without a conventional education.

Hopefully this blog will serve as a resource for those who are curious about different ways. To evoke a discussion about what education is for. To help parents make more informed choices. Start questioning whether a one size fits all education systems serves our children, our community and our future.  Let me know what you think – Claire K,